on being broken up

I had a long, arduous break up from my (now ex) boyfriend this year. It was long because for a little while he wouldn't take no for an answer especially when I dropped hints that I didn't want him to take no for answer but to instead make a turn around in certain areas clearly … Continue reading on being broken up


I love my dad. My dad is generous, kind, consistent, wise. He's not showy. He's not a man of pride or vanity. He's full of "heart." He's thoughtful. He's giving. He's a provider. He's faithful. He's a good guy. Hallmark parent days are lame to me because there are folks without parents to celebrate.😔 a … Continue reading Dad

strength paradox

I watched a TV show episode yesterday that's sort of lame but uplifting for me. A character in the show dealing with an addiction was confronted by a character that previously dealt with a similar addiction. One attempted to persuade the other that their separate-but-shared issue was possible to overcome. The current addicted character told … Continue reading strength paradox


I really miss my mom...a ton and practically all of the time. I've hated Mother's Day the past few years because it was a dreaded reminder of that incredibly sore spot in my heart...but (such a great word), I'm finally getting to feel a little less avoiding of it because I think of all of … Continue reading Moms