desert tidings

The desert will remind you who you oughta be / It'll show you who you are / There's nothing to protect what you're hiding - from Like New Years Day by Sara Watkins. . 🌿 . . This picture was taken in the Judean wilderness in 2011 when I visited Israel on a fun trip … Continue reading desert tidings

on being broken up

I had a long, arduous break up from my (now ex) boyfriend this year. It was long because for a little while he wouldn't take no for an answer especially when I dropped hints that I didn't want him to take no for answer but to instead make a turn around in certain areas clearly … Continue reading on being broken up


I love my dad. My dad is generous, kind, consistent, wise. He's not showy. He's not a man of pride or vanity. He's full of "heart." He's thoughtful. He's giving. He's a provider. He's faithful. He's a good guy. Hallmark parent days are lame to me because there are folks without parents to celebrate.😔 a … Continue reading Dad