I’m a southern city dwelling millennial with my eyes on one prize: make it to adulthood!

I received my undergrad degree from Samford University. I was one of the “walk to a different beat” non-greek kids studying sociology at a very Southern belles and beaus school. My life during and post college was one for traveling and trying every new experience… Maybe a few too many! My seemingly aimless after college jobs and singular experiences led me to a little community college culinary school in Birmingham, Alabama where I mastered the art of irritating my teachers… And got pretty good at making hollandaise sauce. Culinary taught me two things: I’ll never be a normal chef and a good meal is a matter of instinct in the kitchen. My career journey (journey towards a career) brought me to the University of Alabama at Birmingham where I’m studying to become a nurse practitioner.

My writing documents the trials, tribulations, and hilarity of modern living in the era of social media and photo filters, on- and off-line dating, a still-student at age 30, and my favorite distraction from it all: culinary creations. I manage life with faith and humor as I journey around always unexpected turns. (Occasionally,  I share recipes.) Among my many interests and writing topics are: food, Christian faith, dating, classic literature, and unpopular culture.

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