I received my undergrad degree from Samford University. I was one of the “walk to a different beat” non-greek kids studying sociology at a very Southern belles and beaus school. My life during and post college was one for traveling and trying every new experience… Maybe a few too many! My seemingly aimless after college jobs and singular experiences led me to a little community college culinary school in Birmingham, Alabama where I mastered the art of irritating my teachers… and got pretty good at making hollandaise sauce. Culinary taught me two things: I’ll never be a normal chef and a good meal is a matter of instinct in the kitchen. My career journey (journey towards a career) brought me to the University of Alabama at Birmingham and an ultimate master’s of nursing. Now I’m prescribing meds in the highlands of Virginia married to the man of my rural dreams.

My writing documents the trials, tribulations, and hilarity of modern living in the era of social media and photo filters, Christianity in post-Christian society, the interesting domains of female career-life, and my favorite distraction from it all: culinary creations. I manage life with faith and humor as I journey around always unexpected turns. (Occasionally,  I share recipes.) Among my many interests and writing topics are: food, Christian faith, domestic love life, classic literature, and unpopular culture.

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