saved by grace at lent

I’m often attempting to delicately articulate what this Genesis commentary – produced by Tim Keller – expresses. It took me a long time and lots of fumbling around to be grabbed by this message which I now understand to be the complete gospel of Christ. Paradox-y, strange, nonsensical, holy.

This lent is my season of facing the facts: I require salvation. Constantly, despite my resolutions to be the best version of myself, I stumble, I flail, and I fall. I question the favor I feel and see from my [heavenly] Papa. Why do you love me, Lord? Perfect Love Being, why do you love these works of your hands, inspired with life and will, that turn from you again and again? Love is not love unless it faces a test. Love is love when it loves what hates it. I think we see/know love as it exists in juxtaposition.

Do these words pictured above elucidate the mystery of “saved by grace”?

Picture is of the PDF formatted Leader’s Guide for Genesis 26:34-28:9 by Tim Keller.

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