I did a thing

I competed in a triathlon. I swam. I biked. I ran. I conquered! Well… I completed it. Completing a triathlon is one of those things I never saw coming (until I started training for it last year). After the fact, I sort of still cannot believe I did it. That was me! I did it. And now that I’ve done it I wonder what is next.

I feel lost without a goal in mind. I suppose that makes me goal driven (*note to self: update resume!). In the next-goal-decision meantime, I live in the glow of my athletic feat. Sure, it is minor compared to those Ironman and half Ironman courses. It is major to me!

The swim was a half mile ocean swim. We started 400 yards down the beach from the transition zone. To get out into race swimming territory, large Pacific Ocean breaking waves have to be gotten past. Man, did that take some doing. The day before the race I wisely booked an hour session with an open water ocean swim coach. She coached me through diving under waves (swim to the sand and glide ’til the wave passes, clutch the sand if needed, then kick off up), getting out to the steadier water, and keeping an eye on the buoys ahead. I would not have succeeded, or at least not as gracefully, without her coaching. My swim time was 2 minutes shy of thirty. When I first realized the time I was bummed. I’m a slow swimmer anyway, but 30 minutes! I’m 12 minutes below that in a pool. Considering the run/walk into the water and out, and figuring out the wave and buoy situation, plus managing the droves of humans swimming every which way around me, I’m content with 28 minutes. I swam with a little trepidation so as to not lose my energy at the first race. I may have gone a little too easy but beginners have to learn. I learned.

I’m very proud of my transition times. Both were 2 minute turnarounds- that’s pro level! I have transitioning down, I think.

My bike ride was slow, as usual. God blessed me in that I got to ride a Cannondale rented from the Newbury Park Bike Shop. Now I know what I want for Christmas 😍 (remember, Dad: I’m your favorite). I felt better on the bike ride than I felt in all of my ride training. I chalk it up to the bike.

The run was a bear. My legs felt like logs from the start. Now, tri familiar folks might say, “you should’ve trained on that transition.” I did, I tell you! I ran/biked brick workouts a few times over the summer. That did not prepare me for the persistent logginess my legs faced on the run. Looking back at the race, I feel adequately trained. I feel I could do a longer race in the near future. The run, though. That’s something to work on.

So now, what’s next? A longer distance? A duathlon instead? Getting up to marathon distance in running?

Interestingly, I’ve never felt for my running races what I feel for this triathlon. I feel inspired, accomplished, proud. I feel a little in love with the experience. The triathlon may become my chosen sport. I just need to get a hold of that Christmas present bike 😉

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