I posted these resolutions to Facebook on Dec 31. Now I’m posting them here. I am proud to report that I am 2/3 the way into “Dry January,” as I’ve dubbed it and it’s going very well. 🙂

My concrete and abstract 2017 resolutions (bc once you post it on social media it’s basically binding unless you want to be “that person that doesn’t follow through” – and who wants to be that?!):

-no alcohol for one month
-2 half marathon races
-cut out added sugar 😳 (except for special occasions)
-drive a bit slower AND get places a bit earlier. At the same time. 😏
-many more vegan meals.
-“Don’t be easily offended.” I don’t think of myself as easily offended 🤔 but I want to be less so. Also, “rejoice in the truth.” Again… not that I don’t now but that I want to consider this phrase and the other over the coming year and let them guide me.
-create and publish (share) more 

Here’s to the year ahead!

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