The Heart Speaks in Whispers

Thank God for Corinne Bailey Rae! 

I’m listening to her recent album today on repeat. There’s an intricate vastness to her music that has no other words but exclamations of beauty or silence in awe. I find feelings similar to standing on sand at oceanfront or looking up at clouds or stars, remembering the innate smallness of humankind and the infinite grandeur of God knowing this majestic thing sees everything well inside me as I incline ears.

Notable lyrics:

“It isn’t love but pain that makes you brave…I’ve seen love vast as oceans melt like blood.” – Caramel

“You may be drowning and find you can breathe underwater…there’s always a lesson. You could be my teacher.” – Walk On

“The heart speaks in whispers. You’ve got to listen.” Skies Will Break

There are also beautiful arrangements and unique instrumental parts peppered throughout the album. My focus today was not on the fun spunky songs also present but those are also there for listening, light-hearted, grooving pleasure. The album is anchored by smooth melodies, poetic lyrics that weigh as kernels of truth, new soul sounds mined from musically insightful depths, and the innocent joy of a writer/singer/artist/woman that rides waves of experienced life tensions with poise. One wonders what ashes she ever had to rise from given her unmarred joyful attitude. Corinne Bailey Rae presents a queenly triumph in her third album.

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