I love my dad. My dad is generous, kind, consistent, wise. He’s not showy. He’s not a man of pride or vanity. He’s full of “heart.” He’s thoughtful. He’s giving. He’s a provider. He’s faithful. He’s a good guy.

Hallmark parent days are lame to me because there are folks without parents to celebrate.šŸ˜” a lot of people feel the pain of an absence. I’d like to celebrate all of the good men in the world today. Good men make life a beautiful, healthy thing (as do good women). I’d like to know more of them. I’m blessed to be in such close proximity to one of the great ones. I cherish my dad – I’m so thankful I have such an amazing parent. Not only is he a great dad to his children, he’s a father figure/demonstrator of what a good man is and kind friend to kids that life has been hard on through volunteer service in his community.

Dad, thanks for being so supportive of your kids (and kids beyond your family). You’ve helped each of us grow up to be a little wiser, kinder, and better than we would’ve been without you. 

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