day uhhhh…oct 27

I’m typing this because I feel too lame not.

I’ve thought about blogging most every day…I just haven’t done it.

I’m typing this while eating Goldfish, sitting in my living roommate with my roommate and her fella watching old episodes of The Walking Dead. I’m waiting on my fella to come pick me up for dinner. Needless information, but I have to have something to write.

I was down today. I’m bemoaning my current difficulty at choosing a major / field of study / career path, and the regular intervals of pain shooting in my abdomen thanks to my womanhood.

My meditation in general lately is keeping my chin up when my emotions are pulling me down. I think it’s possible to observe my emotional state, pay a little attention to it, and then move along. I don’t want to be emotionless. I want to be consistent.

And now it’s time for dinner for me!

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