Well, great. I already missed a day. I almost missed another because the second to last thing I want to do right now is type this blog. I’m skipping out on hanging out with my boyfriend at the gym and on hanging out with my roommate at a bar – a night for all of our different interests to juxtapose nicely, thanks to my blogging effort making it apparent.

In fact, what sounds really nice to me right now is Netflix.

Actually, what sounds even better is the comfort of watching Netflix at home (my interest), in a private pool (a nod to my boyfriend’s gym), with a Raspberry Berliner Weisse in hand (cheers, roommate). And I’d love to enjoy all three with my roommate and boyfriend on either side of me. While being massaged. Yep, that would do it.

But I write.

You know, one of the wonderful things I enjoy about writing is the ability to conjure up an image with the apt placement of words. To string sentences together in a way that creates a world of sensation for the reader is more powerful and profound to me than the strange experience of realistic dreams. I love words. I love accurately expressing an idea or a feeling or an emotion – anything abstract – in such a way that it becomes tangibly identifiable and relatable to a listener.

I suppose this commentary on my personal affection for words is all my readers will get for tonight. I don’t think it’s quite ‘blog-appropriate’ writing yet but maybe I’m moving in that direction.

Another note: this post doesn’t make up for a day missed. I’ll try to write two in one day sometime in the month. Unless I get three behind…then I’m skipping!

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