day 1

The quest for my day 1 story was a constant thought in my head in the same manner that an alarm one keeps pressing “snooze” on will continue to alert. It was on the verge of being unwelcome, a little annoying, and was just slightly less than worrying. I felt going into the day, even last night, that I needed to find something worth a little ware to my keyboard and was fearful that I just wouldn’t.

As I acknowledged in my post last night, I’ve attempted to blog before. I’ve been inconsistent with it. I’ve not yet found my blogging angle. Most posts I’ve written I’ve later deleted. They’re never good enough or worthy enough for me to consider proper blog material.

This current blogging venture doesn’t have much more direction to it, but at least having a goal puts that inner alert on so that I’m looking for my story and, thus, direction.

My search for direction often comes up in conversations I have with others. As I type I feel that I may be looking too much at my life compass, trying to discern where I’m heading, and not enough at my present surroundings.

More reflection on my day reminds me of the moments of friendship that peppered it which are my present surroundings (blessings) giving life some refreshment and lightness.

My job, currently, is a little bit boring. I do office stuff – read, write, type, edit, copy, fax, talk on the phone. I told a coworker today that I think of this job as being a “yes” person. People with more qualifications in the realm of this office’s work tell me what to do and my job is to do it – my answer is always, “yes.” I’m paid for that “yes.” I want more than this in my career. That’s why I complain of it to my coworker. And she listens and laughs with me about the unfortunate truth of my observation, but in a hopeful way that let’s me know that I will do more. I’ll be able to tell people, “no,” or, “yes,” or give an answer that needs to be heard. But for the time-being, I get to enjoy the funny aspects of office work that make the job bearable beyond the affirmation of it’s worthiness I’m aware of on payday.

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